From Hot Gas Stream to Matt Finish by Glatt Powder Synthesis

Whether it’s rapid prototyping, customisation or personalisation, paint manufacturers can usually only dream of what has long been a reality in other industries. Their ideas are thwarted by minimum purchase quantities, a lack of know-how, expensive machinery or the unavailability of yet-to-be-developed powder types. Thanks to a novel method of spray calcination, test-ready additives for rapid market entry can be ready in just a few weeks.

PHOS4green presented at the State Association of the Recycling Industry Saxony e. V. in Leipzig

Phosphorus recovery on the agenda at the Landesverband der Recyclingwirtschaft Sachsen e. V. (State Association of the Recycling Industry Saxony) on November 13, 2018 in Leipzig.

“High-performance fertilizer from sewage sludge ash”: this was the title of a presentation by Jan Kirchhof, Senior Sales Manager Process & Plant Engineering, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, Weimar, as part of the program on “Phosphorus Recycling – Opportunities and Challenges in Saxony”.