Process and Plant Engineering for PHOS4green Projects

Your ideal basis for investment decisions and following project stages

Precisely tailored complete solutions for the production of functionalized powders and application-ready granules are our specialty. We provide all the technical know-how for the production and handling of your granules for standard fertilizers and special/composite fertilizers.

Glatt has already developed all the technology required to implement the innovative PHOS4green process. The intermediate steps of scaling up from laboratory scale, which are necessary with other phosphorus recycling processes, combined with the corresponding development risks, are not required. PHOS4green is immediately scalable for the desired production capacity depending on the volume of sewage sludge ash and can be implemented on a large scale at any location. Production volume of a few thousand tons or hundreds of thousands of tons per year you are all feasible. In all cases, the result is high-quality fertilizer granules.

Concept planning based on the given raw material and site situation + desired end products

As an ideal basis for your investment decision and subsequent project phases, we supply you with a finished concept with a customized layout. This concept is optimized for the conditions of the raw materials to be used, your media available at the site, and the parameter specifications of the end product.

Various factors, such as the capacity to process the sewage sludge ash [t/a], the quality of the sewage sludge ash, the number of end products, the recipe selection, the planned product changes, the plant philosophy, the degree of automation, the storage philosophy, the logistics concept, site factors including potential synergy effects at the site (e.g. use of waste heat from other processes to heat the process air in the fluid bed granulation process, use of existing infrastructure for raw material delivery, transport or end product storage, connection to existing supply systems such as steam, electricity or compressed air), have a considerable influence on the investment costs. We will of course advise you as we develop optimal concept with you.

Integrated, cross-trade engineering from a single source

We have many years of experience in the planning, project management and completion of industrial buildings. With holistic consulting and reliable project management, we accompany you in the realization of your investment project. Worldwide!

Put your investment on a secure footing and minimize your risk with our integrated, cross-trade engineering from a single source. Let us accompany you: from the initial idea to the commissioning of your turnkey production plant!

Solutions for your needs: Customized production process. Minimal risk. Maximum flexibility.