Special Customized Phosphate Fertilizer Products and Composites from Phosphorus Recovery

Clever combinations of phosphate fertilizers for special applications

Combine your seed with the required nutrient components right away. Improve the germination capacity and ultimately the yield at harvest. The fertilizer granules can be coated directly with biocides, insecticides as well as fungicides or can be produced as a homogeneous mixture in the granules. Coating with biopolymers enables controlled release of the plant nutrients or pesticides.

Glatt uses its many years of experience in the production of special fertilizers to meet customer requirements such as long-term fertilization, multi-component fertilization and functionalities such as controlled release or slow release through defined coating/enveloping of the fertilizer granules. Homogeneous multi-component fertilizers can be achieved particularly efficiently by fluidized bed spray granulation. In this process, the precisely adjusted multi-component mixture is processed directly from the solution into compact granules. Further functionalization can then be achieved by fluidized bed coating.

The application of different coating materials with the aid of fluid bed coating makes it possible to fulfill such functions. Through formulation development and adapted process control, completely closed coatings can be achieved with low layer thicknesses. The actual bulk properties of the fertilizer granules remain virtually unchanged. This means that no adjustments are required in further processing or application steps.

The coating of the fertilizer granules is carried out in compliance with the currently valid regulations of the Fertilizer Ordinance (German Düngemittelverordnung (DüMV) and Regulation EG No. 2019/1009). Conformity with some of these requirements is sometimes only achieved through the use of such additives.

Some fertilizer product examples:

Seed grain coated with a coating layer using Glatt fluid bed technology

Fertilizer granules coated with a coating layer using Glatt fluid bed technology

Fertilizer granules before and after coating with a coating layer using Glatt fluid bed technology

Example of uncoated phosphate fertilizer granules produced with Glatt PHOS4green