Glatt PHOS4green – Our Innovative Technology for Phosphorus Recycling

Proven Process Steps Innovatively Combined

With PHOS4green, Glatt offers an economical and flexible technology for recovering phosphorus from sewage sludge ash. The process combines phosphorus recovery with the manufacturing process for new fertilizer and results in marketable products.

In cooperation with the company SERAPLANT, Glatt has developed an innovative, patent-protected, efficient and marketable process in which a suspension is first produced from the phosphate-containing secondary raw material sewage sludge ash, an acid and possibly other nutrient components. The phosphate in the sewage sludge ash is broken down by the acid.

The suspension produced in this way is then spray granulated in a fluid bed system. In this way, valuable granules are produced that can be used as high-quality phosphate fertilizers or as plant- and soil-specific compound fertilizers, e.g. NP or NPK fertilizers.

The production of solutions or suspensions in combination with acids is a well known practice in the chemical industry. The necessary technology for this is available for every conceivable substance system on an industrial scale. As a first step in suspension generation, Glatt uses this proven technology.

The second process step is spray granulation in the fluid bed, one of Glatt’s core competencies.

PHOS4green combines and optimizes these process steps and thus ensures technical feasibility – immediately applicable also on an industrial scale.

Benefit from our technology competence for a fast and secure implementation phosphorus recycling with well controllable reaction steps!

Contribute with us to the required sewage sludge disposal and to the assurance of a long-term sustainable sewage sludge solution!