Phosphorus Recovery by Glatt PHOS4green

Waste-free phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ashes for high-performance fertilizers that comply with the German Fertilizer Ordinance (DüMV)

With PHOS4green, we have developed an innovative patent-protected process with which the essential and sought-after nutrient phosphorus can be recovered from sewage sludge ashes and used for new phosphate or compound fertilizers.

Your head start with PHOS4green:
Use our PHOS4green process to sustainably close the nutrient cycle and as an economical solution for fulfilling the legal obligation to recycle phosphorus!

This distinguishes Glatt technology from other processes:

  • Phosphate fertilizers from recycled materials: Production of soil- and plant-available standard fertilizers and customized specialty fertilizers.
  • Recipe development adapted to customer requirements and associated customer-specific raw material availability.
  • Dust-free, compact, free-flowing granules by means of spray granulation in the fluid bed.
  • Constant top quality of the end products through defined influencing of the suspension! Different phosphorus contents of the sewage sludge ashes are compensated.
  • Fast and safe implementation with well controllable reaction steps.
  • Suitable for practical use! PHOS4green is available on an industrial scale.
  • No waste products! Phosphorus recovery with 100% recycling of the ashes.
  • Plant availability of phosphates! Insoluble phosphates become plant-available through acid.
  • Disposal safety! Increased economic efficiency due to additional utilization of fertilizers that are ready for use and comply with the German Fertilizer Ordinance (DüMV).
  • Circular value creation! Utilization of domestic phosphorus resources. Ecological closing of the nutrient cycle. Pollutant reduction.
  • Access to innovative technology! Tried and tested process steps innovatively combined.
  • Integrated solution from a single source. Planning of process and logistics. Plant engineering. Realization.


Glatt Ingenieurtechnik celebrates continued business success with third expansion of its Technology Center

New services, capacities, employees: plant engineering expert Glatt Ingenieurtechnik marks its 30th anniversary with an investment in the future of its headquarters

From vitamins in animal feed and enzymes in detergents to powder materials for high-performance batteries, Glatt, the Germany-based plant manufacturer and process expert, is working on all of these in close cooperation with renowned research companies. In spring 2021, Glatt will expand its technology center in Weimar for the third time in twelve years.


PHOS4green setzt Signale in der Kreislaufwirtschaft

Now the first plant is about to be commissioned and Glatt’s process is being used as part of a BMBF joint project in the Rhine-Main region. (article in German language)


Clipping from the MDR – Broadcast “ECHT”

(German Documentation)

Title: “Das Geschäft mit dem Geschäft – Klärschlammverbrennung im Geiseltal.”
of Dec. 4, 2019 (in German).  
Licensor: Telepool GmbH, Leipzig