Phosphate Fertilizer From Phosphorous Ashes

Phosphate fertilizers and complex fertilizers, special fertilizers and composite

PHOS4green converts phosphate-containing sewage sludge ash into high-quality fertilizers in a sustainable way. The versatility of the granules enables a wide range of applications in agriculture with a pronounced delayed release effect and sustained supply of the nutrient. The characteristics of the granule can be customized to target specific release rates in to the soil.

Spray granulation with optional subsequent coating by means of fluid bed technology produces abrasion resistant fertilizer granules with a very homogenous particle structure. These particles are easy to dose and have consistent performance over time and do not experience degradation during storage. Parameters such as particle size, residual moisture and solids content can be specifically targeted. The solubility of such granules can be adapted very well to the application. Undesirable bulk product changes like segregation, particle abrasion, hygroscopy and other drift effects that occur during transportation and spreading are significantly reduced.

Site-specific recycling solutions at mono-incineration plants with innovative heat and material flow coupling

By utilizing waste heat and eliminating significant amounts of material transport by recycling the phosphate ash produced at the mono-incineration plants, your eco-balance is improved.


Marketing of fertilizers through our cooperation partners with existing distribution network

Upon request, we can provide you with cooperation partners with an excellent distribution network for your products.