Standard Phosphate and Multi-Nutrient Compound Fertilizers from Phosphorus Recovery

Soil- and plant-specific phopsphate fertilizers that match the performance of conventional market offerings – 100% compliant with the German Fertilizer Ordinance (DüMV) / Regulation EG No. 2019/1009

With PHOS4green technology, you can convert sewage sludge ashes into valuable soil- and plant-specific standard fertilizers that are equivalent to the currently produced fertilizers (see proof/planting trials) and comply with the Fertilizer Ordinance.

Super- or triple phosphate, with up to 46% available phosphate content

Whether superphosphate, or triple phosphate, with up to 46% available phosphate content, our phosphate fertilizers meet the highest quality requirements and are particularly suited for organic farming. As soil- and plant-specific standard fertilizers, they comply with the Fertilizer Ordinances like German Düngemittelverordnung (DüMV) and Regulation EG No. 2019/1009, are immediately marketable and can be used by farmers in the same way they use current fertilizers. Fluctuations in the composition of sewage sludge ashes are compensated for by adjusting the formulation for the suspension. This ensures consistently high quality.

Complex fertilizers (NPK, NP, PK) for customized plant nutrition

The addition of other nutrient components to the suspension – liquid or solid – enables the production of compound fertilizers. Compound fertilizers such as NPK, NP and PK for custom plant nutrition are produced directly with the new process and applied as usual (N-component urea; K-component KCl; Mg-component MgCl; S-component SSA; P-component MAP, MKP).

With these multi-nutrient fertilizers, customized product, adapted to the different nutrient requirements of the plants is produced. This protects the environment and ensures while improving yield. At the same time, leaching losses and salt damage are minimized.