Glatt. Meet the Experts @ Virtual Process Show 8.-11.09.2020

Meet the Glatt Experts @ Virtual Process Show

08.09. – 11.09.2020

Dear customers,

uncertainties continue to dominate the world of trade fairs. Events are being postponed, curtailed or cancelled altogether. But still, we like the atmosphere at trade fairs where we can talk to you personally.

So we’re simply moving our trade fair booth online – to the Virtual Process Show from 8 to 11 September 2020.

We would like to invite you to go on this new path with us! Visit us at the first virtual online trade fair for process and production technology in chemistry, biotech, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages.

Your advantage: participation is entirely free of charge, can be planned at short notice and is possible from anywhere. Our stand personnel is available for you via live chat.

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Drying and protective coating for bacteria and other fermentation products: Alternative process approach for successful formulation of temperature-sensitive probiotics by layering and coating in the fluidized bed

  • Drying fermentation products to dust-free granules in one step
  • Enteric coatings for lactobacilli to improve protection and increase bioavailability and delivery
  • Stable storage of immobilized microorganisms over long periods of time with minimal loss in activity

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Glatt_Fluid-Bed-Processes-for granules-and-pettels-from-powders-and-liquids

Drying and granulation of solutions, suspensions, emulsions and melts in a single process step. Generation of functional, dust-free granules with homogeneous component distribution and adjustable particle sizes.

  • Greater functionality, stability and protection for your products during processing, handling and storage
  • Improved flowability and dissolution properties, no separation of components, compact form for coatings
  • Safer for operators and the environment: Prevents contact allergies and burns

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Narrow PSD spherical particles in micron range by drying / core-shell coating / calcination in one step by Glatt Powder Synthesis. Generation of particles with precisely definable chemical composition in narrow particle size distributions.

  • Long-term stability for battery materials through precise, even coating of anode/cathode materials
  • Unique new optical effects and maximum protection for your paint and coating pigments
  • Applying even, homogenous catalytic coatings to cores using the minimum amount of active material

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Unique Supply Chain for Particle Design by Glatt

Unique in particle design: complete supply chain from the product idea to production from one source – Technology transfer, plant design and factory engineering for functional powders, granules and pellets.

  • Your access to innovative technologies with interdisciplinary know-how and many years of expertise
  • Extremely short development times for new particle designs and seamless scale-up
  • Customized production processes. Minimal risk. Maximum flexibility

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