Sewage sludge: pollutant and raw material source at the same time

(German article)

For decades, fluid bed equipment has been considered the top class for the production of dust-free, soluble or functional granulates and pellets. Why Glatt Ingenieurtechnik approaches product ideas with an open mind to technology and how this advances the customer’s innovation process. Whoever comes to Glatt is looking for exactly that. Synergy effects also result from cooperation with university partners and our involvement in competence networks and research projects. Our employees make a very significant contribution to the success of complex innovation projects; highly motivated colleagues who contribute their expertise and ability to think outside the box in collaboration with our customers. (German article)

  • author: Gudrun Ding
    Gudrun Ding is Head of Business Development Process Technology at Glatt Ingenieurtechnik and specializes in microencapsulation, coating processes and contract manufacturing.
  • originally published in P&A Prozessdigitalisierung – Automation: Kompendium 2020/2021 “Die Macher der Prozessindustrie”, publish industry Verlag