PHOS4green presented at the DWA Conference 2019 in Weimar, Germany

The DWA Technical Committee KEK-3 for “Thermal Sewage Sludge Treatment” deals with the experiences and developments of thermal sewage sludge treatment in plants for mono- and co-incineration and the utilization or disposal of the resulting ashes.

‘Utilization of ashes from sewage sludge incineration’ was the topic of the DWA meeting on April 3, 2019 in Weimar, Germany.

During this meeting, Jan Kirchhof, Senior Sales Manager Process & Plant Engineering, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, presented PHOS4green as an innovative solution for phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ash and its residue-free conversion into ready-to-use phosphate standard fertilizers.

As a politically and economically independent association, the DWA is committed to sustainable water management and to promoting research and development. The DWA provides a forum for ideas and exchange of opinions and supports politics through its advice.

The main committee Recycling Management, Energy and Sewage Sludge (HA KEK)deals with the fundamentals and processes of waste processing and disposal as well as sludge treatment are focal points of the work in the 10 active technical committees of HA KEK. The waste management activities go far beyond the waste resulting from the classical subject area of the DWA, such as infrastructure waste and sewage sludge. Examples include the extensive work on the decommissioning and aftercare of landfills, on the handling of waste from special industrial sectors or on the fermentation of biogenic waste. In addition, an integrated approach that takes into account interdisciplinary aspects of energy supply as well as climate and resource protection is playing an increasingly important role in dealing with the topics of the main committee.

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