PHOS4green presented @ Phosphorus Dialogue Hesse on October 25, 2019 in Gießen, Germany

Together with the Hessian Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection and the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM), the German Phosphorus Platform DPP e.V. held another phosphorus dialogue entitled “Regional Phosphorus Recycling in Hesse” for operators and decision-makers in Giessen on October 25, 2019. While various technical presentations were held in the morning, participants had the opportunity to talk directly with technology providers about phosphorus recovery during business-to-business talks in the afternoon.

Jan Kirchhof, Glatt, presented PHOS4green as a solution for phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ash and its residue-free conversion into commercially available standard fertilizers.

On 25.10.2019, another phosphorus dialogue of the Hessian Ministry of the Environment, the THM and the DPP took place in Giessen to inform decision-makers as well as those involved in the process of phosphorus recovery on the topic. The event was very well attended with about 80 participants.

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