PHOS4green presented at the State Association of the Recycling Industry Saxony e. V.

Phosphorus recovery on the agenda at the Landesverband der Recyclingwirtschaft Sachsen e. V. (State Association of the Recycling Industry Saxony) on November 13, 2018 in Leipzig.

“High-performance fertilizer from sewage sludge ash”: this was the title of a presentation by Jan Kirchhof, Senior Sales Manager Process & Plant Engineering, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, Weimar, as part of the program on “Phosphorus Recycling – Opportunities and Challenges in Saxony”. In his presentation, he introduced a new technology from Glatt that makes it possible to convert phosphorus-containing sewage sludge ash into commercially available standard fertilizers without waste. Participants at the event exchanged views on the subject of phosphorus recovery with further presentations and constructive discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. Organizers were the house of the congresses for environment – building – traffic Dresden registered association as well as the regional association of the recycling economy Saxonia registered association.

Previous mineral fertilizer production is based on the use of non-renewable feedstocks such as rock phosphate. Glatt offers a sustainable and indigenous raw material resource that protects the environment.

With the development of a process that is economical in today’s market environment, it is possible to convert phosphate nutrients into forms that are readily available to plants while processing various phosphate-containing secondary raw materials into different fertilizer products.

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