Meet the Glatt Experts @ 11th University Course Fluidization Technology in Hamburg

11th University Course Fluidization Technology

November 04 – 07 2019

Veranstaltungsort: TUHH Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Michael Jacob, Head of the Process Engineering Department at Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, will give a lecture on „Vacuum drying in fluidized beds“. This will be part of the 4-day program around fundamentals and applications in drying, granulation and agglomeration.

Fluidization technology has a tremendous economic importance and is used for a wide range of physical and chemical processes like classification, drying, adsorption, heating and cooling of solids, combustion, pyrolysis, carbonization, gasification, calcination or gas-solid reactions.

Hamburg University of Technology Institute of Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology provides the 11th University Course Fluidization Technology. Well-known speakers from industry and science will address the event to people from various backgrounds (engineers, chemists, food and pharmaceutical technologists) and with different levels of experience, who need to understand the fundamentals of applications of modern and efficient fluidized bed processes. The course language is English.

In his lecture on „Vacuum drying in fluidizezed beds“ Dr. Jacob, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, will give an overview of the basics of the technology, equipment in general, pilot and production scale at the Glatt Techlology Center in Weimar, Germany, and the advantages for applications such as herbs and fruits (drying) or also metallic powders (granulation and coating).